The purpose of this blog is to be a place of discussion on the “ways that Jesus is the Way”

Following Jesus in a rebellious world is too complicated for us to continue relegating Jesus to the realm of “religion” – as if that is where he belongs, having nothing practical to offer to the real world. Rather than seeing Jesus as the God-man who came to pay our sin bills and then show us how to be religious, I see Jesus as the Messiah – the Chosen one from among those “called-out ones” that shows us how to be the world God created the world to be. He came to show us the “way”!

So, the topics discussed here are bigger than religion. They involve, hopefully, all of human life: work, family, education, friendship, politics, culture, sex, war & violence, psychology, and much more.

Please feel free to join in the discussion, and imagine with me what it might mean for Jesus to be the way in world that does not yet know his name – and what it might look like to for us to take up that way on the way to New Creation!


  1. Hey Brother, I was just pointed to your blog by my friend Penni. I hear you are a Harding grad. I am too. Looks like you are writing about a lot of good stuff. I also noticed that my friend Kevin likes your stuff too so it must be good. I hope to stop by and join in whenever possible.


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