iPod Gospel: The Cave

For me, this is the gospel – the whole gospel, not just one piece, the whole… that is, the kingdom of God has come near. Enjoy The Cave by Mumford & Sons

iPod Gospel: Like the Wheel

I have shared this song here before.  I find it to be one of the most powerful songs in my entire iTunes Library.  The Tallest Man on Earth, for whatever reason, finds ways to connect to my soul in deep ways.  He tends to a mood that is darker, but somehow appeals to hope at the […] Continue reading

3: Power vs. Power

Resurrection Power.  Principalities and powers and rulers of this present evil age. If an army is closing in on you and you are to defend against the attack, what will you need to stop them?  They have tanks.  Big tanks.  Lots of tanks.  What do you need? This world says you need more tanks.  Stronger […] Continue reading

Sunday Hymn – Choose Slavery or Slavery

A little while ago I posted a homily on Romans 6 called “Choose: Slavery or Slavery!” This hymn captures that notion of Saint Paul’s “slavery to justice” quite well. It was written in 1890 by George Matheson and is entitled, “Make Me Captive, Lord” Make me a captive, Lord, and then I shall be free. […] Continue reading

Ten Core Values for Spiritual Formation

Occasionally our church will use Willow Creek’s “Pursuing Spiritual Transformation” resource as a companion guide for Life Groups to a Sunday morning sermon series.  In each of there Life Group discussion guides/participant guides, regardless of the topic, they offer these “ten core values for spiritual formation.”  These are very basic, but I find them incredibly […] Continue reading

iPod Gospel: The Wanderer

I borrow the phrase “iPod Gospel” from Josh Graves. I’m beginning a new series today called iPod Gospel.  There won’t be much to these posts – perhaps the occasional commentary on meaning.  Instead of over-complicating things, I just want to share with you some music that is meaningful and important to me, in a gospel sense.  I […] Continue reading

2: Power & Ephesians

This is part 2 of a mini-series on power.  I am working on communication the biblical notion(s) of power in a way that is intelligible.  This post reveals less about the biblical notion of “principalities and powers” and more about what I call “Resurrection Power”.  But one subverts the other.  Many at our church found […] Continue reading

1: Power & the Monster

I am starting a mini-series on “power”.  I don’t know how long the series will be, but it comes from my reading 3 things in close proximity to one another.  First, I re-read “Naming the Powers” and “Unmasking the Powers” by Walter Wink (books 1 & 2 of a trilogy).  Given that these books were […] Continue reading

Barth’s Dogmatics: What to Say To-day

As the Church accepts from Scripture, and with divine authority from Scripture alone, the attestation of its own being as the measure of its utterance, it finds itself challenged to know itself, and therefore even and precisely in the face of this foundation of all Christian utterance to ask, with all the seriousness of one […] Continue reading