Sunday Hymn – Choose Slavery or Slavery

A little while ago I posted a homily on Romans 6 called "Choose: Slavery or Slavery!"  This hymn captures that notion of Saint Paul's "slavery to justice" quite well.  It was written in 1890 by George Matheson and is entitled, "Make Me Captive, Lord"

Make me a captive, Lord, 
	and then I shall be free. 
	Force me to render up my sword, 
	and I shall conqueror be. 
	I sink in life's alarms 
	when by myself I stand; 
	imprison me within thine arms, 
	and strong shall be my hand. 

2.	My heart is weak and poor 
	until it master find; 
	it has no spring of action sure, 
	it varies with the wind. 
	It cannot freely move 
	till thou hast wrought its chain; 
	enslave it with thy matchless love, 
	and deathless it shall reign. 

3.	My power is faint and low 
	till I have learned to serve; 
	it lacks the needed fire to glow, 
	it lacks the breeze to nerve. 
	It cannot drive the world 
	until itself be driven; 
	its flag can only be unfurled 
	when thou shalt breathe from heaven. 

4.	My will is not my own 
	till thou hast made it thine; 
	if it would reach a monarch's throne, 
	it must its crown resign. 
	It only stands unbent 
	amid the clashing strife, 
	when on thy bosom it has leant, 
	and found in thee its life.

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