Ten Core Values for Spiritual Formation

Occasionally our church will use Willow Creek’s “Pursuing Spiritual Transformation” resource as a companion guide for Life Groups to a Sunday morning sermon series.  In each of there Life Group discussion guides/participant guides, regardless of the topic, they offer these “ten core values for spiritual formation.”  These are very basic, but I find them incredibly helpful as a ministry resource for defining our goals and aims for Life Groups. (This is attributed to John Ortberg).

Spiritual Formation…

… is essential, not optional, for Christ-followers.

… is a process, not an event.

… is God’s work, but requires my participation.

… involves those practices, experiences, and relationships that help me live intimately with Christ and walk as if he were in my place.

… is not a compartmentalized pursuit.  God is not interested in my spiritual life; he is interested in my life – all of it.

… can happen in every moment.  It is not restricted to a certain time or practices.

… is not individualistic, but takes place in community and finds expression in serving others.

… is not impeded by a person’s background, temperament, life situation, or season of life.  It is available right now to all who desire it.

… and the means of pursuing it will vary from one individual to another.  Fully devoted followers are handcrafted, not mass-produced.

… is ultimately gauged by an increased capacity to love God and people. Superficial or external checklists cannot measure it.

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