Homily: Where The Tables Are Round

Trinity“You do not realize what I am doing, but later you will understand…”  – Jesus, after serving his disciples at the Passover table.

I have often wondered, after pouring over dozens (no,  hundreds) of books on models for effective ministry, “Is there a simpler model?”

The answer: Yes.

The ONLY and proper model for Christian ministry is the Triune-Table Fellowship of the God himself.  God is Father, Son, & Holy Spirit.  They share perfect henosis (union) of self-less agape love.  And they do so around a common table.

And this is the gospel.  God created us for the purpose of sharing in that fellowship and henosis.  If the kingdom of God means anything at all it means that we are invited back into that union, invited to feast at that table – where Jesus is our gracious host.

Do you want to do ministry?  Do you want to advance the kingdom of God?  Do you want to see others experience the outworking of God’s will on earth as in heaven?

Then do this.  Don’t force the kingdom – RECEIVE IT.  Have a table.  Bread.  Wine.  Food.  Music.  Celebration.  Fellowship.  Invite others.  Remember Jesus.  And have a meal.  Everyone is equal.  Everyone is welcome.  Every story matters.  Every sip is cherished.  Every bite is nourishment.  There is no power.  No one matters more than others.  No one is the deliverer of the goods.  No one is a consumer.  All are sharers together of the henosis, union, fellowship and love.  There is no one who sits at the head of the table.  And that is the good news of Christian ministry.  In the kingdom of God, the tables are not rectangular with the elite at the head.  In the kingdom of God, the tables are round.

Come to that table.  Eat. Drink.  Behold, all things are new.

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