The Witchery of Story: J. Evans Prichard Ph.D.

|God made human beings because he loves stories.|  – Elie Wiesel 

J. Evans Prichard, Ph.D., wants you to read like you balance your check-book.  J. Evans Prichard, Ph.D. wants you to take in language, words, story, poetry, prophecy, a living and breathing art, and he wants you to measure it in formula – fit it in an algebraic equation that balances nicely into sweet judgments about its worth and value.

Worth & Value.  Interesting economic measurements and bottom lines in an economy such as ours.  Neatly applied to reading.

Who is J. Evans Prichard, Ph.D.?

If we are to ever again be bewitched by the power of story that is the holy scriptures, I want to encourage you to rip.  Rip out of your mind what you think you know about the proper methods of interpretation.  Rip from your intellect the interpretive tools of literary and form criticism, hermeneutical spirals, and exegetical frameworks.  Rip!

And then… just read the story as if for the first time.

Be bewitched again by the powerful drama of God in human history.

And when you begin to read you will discover something interesting in the first 5 words of the bible.  Before we discover anything about God – before we find out he is good, or holy, or an all consuming fire – before all that, we discover that God creates.  How can measure the worth and value of that?  You can’t.  But you can be enthralled in the drama as it unfolds.  Go ahead.  Rip!  Be bewitched by the greatest story ever told.

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