Moore, OK (A Reaction)

I don’t know what to say.  Do you?

What I refuse to say in the wake of tragedy.

(1) I will not try to run to God’s defense.  He is a big boy, he can defend himself, or not.

(2) I will not blame God.  Looks more like evil than God to me.  Who am I to blame him over the devil?

(3) I will not even attempt to answer the question of “Why?” – it is a total waste of time.  Furthermore, I would avoid any religious language that attempts to say why these things happen.  If you think you can sufficiently answer the question “Why did this happen?”  I would suggest you might be an idolater.

(4) I will not tell you God loves you.

But I will say…

(1) God is present.  Not above looking down.  He is in wreckage.  He is beneath bricks and bindings.

(2) This will be made right.

(3) It is okay to be mad… even at God.

(4) A day is coming when there are no more tornadoes.  No more mourning or crying or pain.

What my soul says…

(1)  How long, O Lord, must your people wait in ashes?  How long until you avenge the death of the innocent?  How long until you set your world right again?  How long, O Lord, will your salvation be?  How long, O Lord, must your people endure…. forever?


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