Experimenting with Poetry: The Prophet to the Raging Nations

Dedicated to Lee C. Camp.  “Damn you Lee, I will never be the same…”  

What if he’s not the god of the famed

Bringing death to the wicked who threaten your name

Who’s enemies and ours are one in the same

Who’s bearing the image of corporate shame

Who lives by the rules of the warfare game

Who sides with the mighty and ignores the lame


What if he’s not the god of our money

Who makes America the land of milk and honey

Who brought us from darkness to the place that is sunny

Who transforms our greed into the Easter Bunny

And underwrites democracy with smoke from the gunny


And what if he’s not the god of our space

With skin like ours who lives at our pace

With a flag on his back that displays this place

With a genuine hatred for the enemy race

Who hunts down the wicked and vengefully chase

Them with the wrath of a lover who discovered disgrace


What if he’s not like us – like me and you

With all of our bleeding Red, White & Blue

What if he loves all besides me and you

What if we’re wrong for the killing we do

And what if he’s calling us to be like the Jew

Who suffered on a cross, for his enemies too

And cried forgive them they know not what they do


And what if he hated religion and fad

And all our praying is making him mad


And what if my trying to make him like me

Is betraying the reason his Son came to be

Alive among us to bear all our shame

And deliver us from the evils of this very game

The one that we’re playing when we create a god

In the image of this nation upon which we trod


And what if the twist of history is

That all of man’s projects will soon become his

Consumed by one empire that we failed to see

Because inflamed with our lust and loyalty

Instead of our loving we killed our enemy


But the meek will inherit the war scorched earth

For he will redeem it and bring to new birth

All that he dreamed of when he made the earth

And we will regret how we measured worth

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