1. Richard Rohr is quite the enigma to me. I have read several of his books, and have watched several of his lengthy DVD’s. I do gain value from them. Having said that, I often wonder if he even understands what he is writing about. Sometimes, his writing is so esoteric that it is well beyond my ability to understand exactly what he is saying. Then, I read Mother Teresa and Jean Vanier, Joan Chittister and others… the simplicity of their thoughts and the way they express them can be understood by the common man, even the uncommon man, the homeless man, the abused child….. I don’t need a PhD in Theology to grasp their meanings. I will continue to read Richard Rohr because I know somewhere buried in all of the big words and concepts is a core message that will help me understand God and my relationship to Him. By the way, having written an historical novel that deals with the Holocaust, “The Hamsa,” I do understand the spiritual mechanics behind what happened in Germany 70 years ago.

  2. Yes, Rohr is heady. I have only read “Everything Belongs” So I cannot comment on the breadth of his literary work. What i loved about this particular video is Rohr bringing into the sharp focus the seriousness of the claim in Colossians that Jesus Christ is the image of the invisible God. However, I agree with you that most mystics find clearer and simpler forms of communication than he seems to in his written works. Thanks for the comment!


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