Experimenting with Poetry: A New Memory

I have been writing poetry for a few years now.  This is my first time to share that publicly.  This one is called “A New Memory” and is one the final poems in a collection of poems I wrote about 3 years ago called “In Between the Times: A Poetic Telling of the Past, Present, & Future”


Swift has no name

   and slow has no home

Labor has no fame

   and sleep has no dome

Peace has no prophet

   and war lost its grip

Lust lost its grip 

   and rigid morals have no script

Last has no first

   and first has no last

Pain has been cursed

   and Hurt has no past

Poor has no language

  and riches have no power

Time has no hour 

   and church has no tower

Eating has no full

   and hunger has no starve

Elite has no pull

   and weak has no scars

Death has no curse

   and curse has no sting

Death cannot sting 

   and the grave cannot hold thee

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