Henosis with God

The aim of man’s life is union (henosis) with God.

This participation takes man within the life of the three

     Divine Persons themselves,

in the incessant circulation and overflowing love 

which courses between the Father, the Son and the Spirit,

    and which expresses the very nature of God.

              Here is the true and eternal bliss of man.


Union with God is the perfect fulfillment of the ‘kingdom’

                                           announced by the Gospel,

                                           and of that charity or love

             which sums up all the Law and the Prophets.

             Only in union (henosis) with the life of the Three Persons

                                            is man enabled to Love God

                          with his whole heart, soul, and mind,

                                            and his neighbor as himself.


– A Monk of the Eastern Church


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