Dietrich Bonhoeffer’s Death & Mine: A Brief Letter to Christians Everywhere

67 years ago today. That is when Dietrich Bonhoeffer walked toward the gallows. He was to become a martyr. He was counted worthy to be persecuted for the name of the gospel.

Today, let us not question his role in the Abwehr. It was of no consequence. Because when he was called and his time was set, “He did not cling to life, even in the face of death.”

Today, let us instead wonder – “If it was me, would I have the heart and mind of Christ, to embrace the cross and die? Or would I cling to life?”

And today, if you support capital punishment, it’s fine. Really, it is. Bonhoeffer’s death was justified. He truly was a threat to the “old order of things.”


Joe James

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