Credo: What I Believe

A close friend told me to write on my blog what I believe. “In 500 words or less, tell me what you believe.” Here goes.

I believe in God the Father, Son & Holy Spirit. That is to say, I believe in the God of Israel. I believe that we don’t get to make God up. I believe that God reveals himself to us in the person of Jesus Christ and we just have to come to grips with who he is in that man. I believe that God is love. That is, God is revealed in his action of love. He acts to redeem, rescue, reconcile, forgive, transform and renew. His action and his nature cannot be separated. He is who he acts to be. He is love. I believe that we are all called to die. I believe, in dying, we are raised to newness of life. I believe that this new life is shaped by following Jesus – which means I find myself doing things that I previously had no regard for (serving the poor, making peace, loving my enemy, serving my neighbor, giving sacrificially, promoting the well-being of my brothers and sisters, confessing my sins, defending justice, eating with “tax collectors and sinners”, and worshiping in table-fellowship with others who would otherwise be estranged to me). I believe in the church. That is, I believe in the Spirit-filled people of God that bear his image out into the world. I believe the church is an alternative society of people who choose to shape their lives such that Jesus’ thrives and shines. I believe that when this alternative society is embodied on earth that the people there find favor with the cosmos. I believe this favor is God’s “Yes!” to a way of life that bears witness to his goodness and grace. I believe that while the cosmos and God say “Yes!” to this way of life, that the world says “No!” and thus moves to thwart abundant life. I believe we are called to respond to this in love because “Christ died for the ungodly.” I believe that this alternative society is inherently diverse and universal in its membership. I believe that this alternative society is rich in its culture and creativity when it centers its life on God. I believe that this society is nonviolent & noncoercive. I believe that a new day is coming that will vindicate such a society, though not yet. I believe that all things will be made new, that a new heavens and new earth are coming. I believe the lion will lie down with the lamb. I believe we will beat our swords into plowshares and our spears into pruning hooks. I believe war, famine, disease, lust, greed, tragedy, poverty, and all brokenness will come to end. I believe “justice and peace will soon kiss.” I believe that Jesus Christ is Lord over all things, though the world does not yet recognize this, it soon will. “I believe in the creed. I did not make it. It is making me.”

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