African Prayers: “No One Can Be Killed by Drumming”

Excerpt from an incredible collection of African prayers titled “I Lie on My Mat and Pray”

Lord God,
Father of Jesus Christ,
you are stronger than all the gods
that live on or under the earth.
They really are not any,
because you are.
The moon is the moon
and no god.
The sun is the sun
and no god.
And the god of our city is not named Takoradi,
but you are God, and your son is Jesus.
Sometimes the fetish priests
do strange things,
but these are only tricks.
And when you are present
no one can be killed by drumming.
You are strong;
stronger than the sea.
And you are high;
higher than the sky.
And then men killed your Son.
That was not good.
But that’s the way they are.
We are not any better.
Therefore you must teach us
what we should be.
May I always pray this way,
even when I must go away.
With you I have no more fear.

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