Christmas: The Season

“… But Christmas Day is not the whole of the Christmas season. The full scope of Christmas is only experienced in the feasts of the holy family, Mary the mother of God, the Epiphany, and the baptism of Jesus. It is to these other layers of the birth of Jesus that the Christmas season points us. It is not simply the birth of the Child that the season celebrates; it is the awareness of the ongoing work of God within Him, the foundation of our own hope for liberation that marks our lives and lifts our hearts. We are not left wondering, with John the Baptist, whether this is the ‘one who is to come’ (Luke 7:20). We can watch His growth into God, more and more, every step of the way…. Each of the feasts of Christmastide is another star on the horizon of the soul, confirming what our hearts already know: God is with us.”

Joan Chittister, The Liturgical Year: The Spiraling Adventure of the Spiritual Life

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