Funny Conversations About Baptism

So, in preparation for a fall Adult Bible Class series on baptism, I am re-reading John Mark Hicks’ book “Down In the River to Pray.” It really is a fantastic book, and I can certainly credit Dr. Hicks for teaching me to think theologically many years ago, when I first read both this book and his book on Communion, “Come to the Table.” Anyhow, I am into this book and really enjoying it, when I get a call from a close friend. Here is the conversation, unedited:

Friend: “Hey man, what’s up?”

Me: “Oh, not much, just reading Hicks’ book on Baptism.”

Friend: “Great book!”

Me: “Yeah. I’m on the chapter dealing with Paul’s thinking on baptism.”

Friend: “Putting on the new humanity, huh?”

Me: “Yep!”

Friend: “Any chance this new human will be good at golf?”

Me: “Ha! I doubt it man. But you’ll cuss less when you play.”

Friend: “You mean I won’t cuss at all…”

Me: “No. I meant less.”


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