Discipleship, the Cross, Suffering, & Cruciform Church – 2

As I continue to prepare for my August 29th preaching assignment, I was reminded of this quote from the introduction of chapter 7 of Joshua Graves’ book, “The Feast: How to Serve Jesus in a Famished World.” The quote comes from a diary of Ugandan missionary, Adam Langford, written only weeks prior to his death in the mission field.

“My illusions of solving the problems of this country have long ago left me. They have been replaced with the hope of a risen savior who understands what it means to suffer in this world. This world refuses to work on God’s terms and thus will always be filled with suffering. And because I live in this world, I am privy to that suffering whether I am living in America or Uganda. While I will never stop trying to eliminate the suffering of this world, the suffering in Uganda, the suffering of losing a younger sister to AIDS or even the suffering in my own life, I do not believe that is all I should be doing. Solutions are wonderful. Cures are amazing. Answers are great. But in this broken world, I am beginning to believe we need more people who are willing to enter the suffering of others whether they can help it or not. I want to choose to suffer for the sake of others. I am not always sure how to do that or what it looks like, but most days I wake up and can’t think of anything else to do. Uganda has problems, I pray that God will solve them, but until He does I will also pray for the strength to suffer.”

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