Great Music

Thanks to my good friend Cory McDaniel and others (but especially Cory – he is always giving me new music) I have had the pleasure of learning to love several new artists (“new” to me). I could write about how each of these bands, performers, etc, has effected me. But I would rather let the music speak for itself. Here is brief list of singer/songwriters that I am listening to right now. Some are the new ones, some are old. Here they are:

Blitzen Trapper (latest album, Furr)
The Spring Standards (EP Album, No One Will Know)
Old Crow Medicine Show – (latest album, Tennessee Pusher)
Jacob Dylan – (latest album, Seeing Things)
Counting Crows – (album, Saturday Nights & Sunday Mornings)
Counting Crows – (album, New Amsterdam)
Derek Webb – (album, Stockholm Syndrome)
Ray LaMontagne – (album, Gossip in the Grain)
Ray LaMontagne – (album, Trouble)
Bob Dylan – (album, Through Life Together)
Wilco – (Wilco the Album)
Wilco – (album, Yankee Hotel Foxtrot)

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