The Story #12: YHWH’s On the Move, So Leave Your Family…

What does a reader of scripture do with Genesis 12? You know… the part where YHWH calls Abraham to leave his family and go to the place God was preparing for Israel to grow as a set apart people. Troublesome situation don’t you think?

And this is the point. Allegiance. Do you get up and leave all you know, your family, your friends, your home, your land, your country, for YHWH?

And this YHWH whom the people of God follow is on the move. He is an alive and moving God. And he is also a gathering God. So as he lives and breathes and moves, he gathers a people for himself. So, naturally they live and breathe and move with him. And this takes… well, faith. Do we have faith to follow this God?

You never know where He may lead you.

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