What sort of sinner are you? The bad kind? The sort-of bad kind? The rarely-ever kind? The really bad kind? The worst kind? The “Chief of All Sinners” kind? Have you ever thought about that? You should. Because when non-Christians hear Christians talk about sin, this is what they hear: “We Christians are sinners, but not very bad ones. It’s secular society that is really in trouble. They are the worst kind of sinners. Me? I’m not too bad.”

And it dawns on me, that when our rhetoric smacks of this kind of arrogant-no-use-for-humility-or-confession kind of critique of people we are sent to love, that we are sinning. Ironic, huh?

And then I have this thought: just what kind of sinner does God want to save? The kind like you – not too bad, but sometimes bad? Or the really really bad ones?

Does God want to save the ones that seek him, but don’t know how? How about the ones that love him, but forget about him too much? How about the sinners that like to sin because it’s fun? Or what about the ones that teach others to sin? What about the ones that live for immorality? What about the ones that go past morals to theft and rape? What about the ones serving life terms in prison? Or how about the ones that have addictions to drugs, alcohol or sex? And what about the ones that want to hurt children? And what about the kind of people that murder for pleasure? Does God want to save the guy who uses his political influence to steal millions? Or how about the guy that runs the sex slave ring? What about the dude in charge of a South American drug cartel? Does God want to save the guy that wages war with nations? What about the corrupt preacher or priest that uses his position to abuse children? What about Charles Manson? Jefferey Dahmer? What about the terrorists? What about the Tali-ban? What about Sadaam Hussein? What about your political enemy? What about America’s political enemies? What about Israel’s political enemies (for you Zionsts out there)? What about Osama Bin Laden? What about guys who fly planes into buildings? What about guys who kill those guys? What about people who enslave people? What about racists? What about people who bomb abortion clinics? What about people who shoot abortion doctors?

What about you? Are you better? Do you need less grace, less mercy?

God save the sinners – God save the Christians!

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