The Story #6: Creation, Communion & Caring

“The Story” is a 9 month series at the Southwest Church in Jonesboro, AR. We are reading the bible through, from beginning to end, as a church family. My series “The Story” here on this blog is nothing more than my wonderings and wanderings about that journey. Hope you will join the conversation

It’s worth mentioning that when God created, he did not only create mankind. He also provided careful attention to the habitation of mankind. Creation is good. It is now fallen, yet still good… and redeemable, just as you and I are redeemable.

It’s easy to draw meaningful conclusions from those early chapters in Genesis that communion with God and others was and is a vital part of God’s purposes for us. Yet it is easily overlooked that God is also concerned with our responsible care of Creation. Just as we care for one another, for nurturing relationship with the Triune God, also we give careful attention to our habitation. And this is part of God’s will.

It would be ironic for us to read that God gave us “dominion” over all living creatures and creation, and assume a role of “authority and power” over these things – as if God were saying, “Do as you please, it is all yours!” Elsewhere we recognize that none of it “belongs” to us. Rather, I think dominion is best seen as God saying “I am entrusting this to your care and responsibility” Now wouldn’t it be sad if we simply did not care for creation?

I know this issue is heavily politicized and touchy. But let those who trust the word of God say once and for all, “We don’t really care about the politics behind the issue. We just want to accept our responsibility and give careful attention to God’s good creation!”

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