The Story #5: Thoughts on Creation and Formation

“The Story” is a 9 month series at the Southwest Church in Jonesboro, AR. We are reading the bible through, from beginning to end, as a church family. My series “The Story” here on this blog is nothing more than my wonderings and wanderings about that journey. Hope you will join the conversation

I have been intrigued for some time now about the idea of rethinking the theology of those first few chapters of Genesis. It seems we can easily get wrapped up in combative thinking – namely that we can start to think that the purpose of the Creation narrative is to disprove evolution, etc. However, I don’t think scripture allows us to slip so comfortably into these ways of reading. God seems to be totally disinterested in proving himself to anyone in these chapters. (And their is good reasons for being cautious about thinking we even CAN prove God to anyone!)

Rather, those opening texts seem to paint a picture of the nature and character of the God we worship. More specifically we see that our God is a Creator, and is thereby creative. I like to remind people that the creation narrative isn’t technically “about” the material world at all! At least that isn’t the main point! The main point is God!

And what do these introductory chapters say to us about that God? They artistically show that he is capable of creating and forming and shaping. And then re-creating and re-forming and re-shaping. I like to think of God as a “re” God. He is constantly, throughout the course of history, proved that he is more than capable to “re” do everything we undo.

And if we can still stand in amazement and wonderment at all that is in this fallen creation, is it not possible that this same God can work his “re” magic in us? Remake us? Reshape us? Reform us? He can! And he will. Because this is the nature and character of our God. The God of “re”! The Creator and Creative God.

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