The Story #4: The Sad Movement Away From Creation

“The Story” is a 9 month series at the Southwest Church in Jonesboro, AR. We are reading the bible through, from beginning to end, as a church family. My series “The Story” here on this blog is nothing more than my wonderings and wanderings about that journey. Hope you will join the conversation

Perhaps the saddest passage in the bible is the story of Cain and Abel. It is the the first real movement that solidifies life outside God’s perfect intentions for Creation.

It’s easy to dwell on the details of what shook out in that story of the first murder (if indeed it is really the first murder). But the tragedy is much broader. The tragedy is rather typical of our own plight. The tragedy is that humanity has settled, rather comfortably, into life outside that pristine garden of love and community.

Murder happens to be the case, but is rather normalizing in this story. It comes into focus, in a ominous fashion, that this is somehow the new path of rebellion for humans. Now humans kill. For favor with God. Favor with others. Power. Control. Etc., etc., etc.

And what becomes increasingly more ominous is that we continue down the path of Cain still today. Moreover, we are rather good at killing in the name of God. And we know too much about the fear of being on the run as a marked people. Which begs the question… when will we begin to long for that original communion again? And if we are beginning to long for it now, when will we dare begin to return?

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