The Story #3: Creation and Community

“The Story” is a 9 month series at the Southwest Church in Jonesboro, AR. We are reading the bible through, from beginning to end, as a church family. My series “The Story” here on this blog is nothing more than my wonderings and wanderings about that journey. Hope you will join the conversation

I move fluidly between Creation and the Fall every day! It seems every time the Creator does a new thing within my life, or around my life, I invent newer ways of messing it up. And the scary, operative word here is fluid. It’s not that I wait crouching at the door, looking and scheming for ways to destroy the goodness God creates in me. It is rather that I recognize it, often deeply, yet move too freely away from it toward the “old ways of the old aeon”. Sometimes I think I have devised quite the convenient life for myself where the path between piety and sin is cleared comfortably for my easy movement.

And as I read the garden narrative it occurs to me that what Adam and Eve forsake is not morality, or righteousness, or sinlessness. Rather they forsake community. With one another, with the triune God.

As I ponder this alienation and deception that I myself am so accustomed to, I have yet another epiphany. That we fail because we forsake the indwelt community of Christ. I am not able to be moral, on my own. I am not able to love my enemy, on my own. I don’t have the courage to serve the weakest, on my own. I don’t possess the wisdom to do my acts of righteousness in secret, on my own.

But in community – more specifically the kind of community that is indwelt by the Spirit of Christ – all things are possible. And Creation is about God. The God of Community. The God who Creates. And his creatures that respond in love to him and one another. Community.

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