Top Ten Reason’s Why It’s Okay to say “Personal Relationship With Jesus”

1> Because it is impossible to know “about” God, it is only possible to know him.

2> Because we need to be reminded that he know us.

3> Because it reminds us that he is somebody, and not some body of belief.

4> Because in that “personal relationship” he will tell me it’s not about me, that His love is for everyone – even my enemies.

5> Because some people can’t be Christian without being Southern Baptist, and you can’t be a Southern Baptist without saying “Personal Relationship with Jesus” 100 times per day. So, whatever keeps you in Christ…

6> Because sometimes we rely too heavily upon the church (or others within the church) to do our relational work with God for us.

7> Because it’s a good metaphor for a God that “counts the hairs on our heads”

8> Because it’s intimate, and Americans struggle with authentic intimacy.

9> Because it takes great faith to be in real relationship to that which you cannot see.

10> Because, though never explicitly said, it is actually everywhere in scripture. (As long as you know the “you” of that relationship involves even those you hate and despise).

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