Top Ten List: Why We Should Never Say “Personal Relationship with Jesus”

This is partially in reaction to something… so I am sure it will get me in some form of trouble. So I preemptively want to say “Calm Down. I am only about 9/10’s serious.” This is my Top Ten Reasons why we should never again say, “Personal Relationship With Jesus” If you want a much more serious version, talk to me in person. I am serious about the title, just not all ten points here given. Hope you can enjoy this.

i. Because it’s not in the bible.
ii. Because the Jews never saw themselves as disconnected in any sense from their people – the people of God
iii. Because it sounds like a Southern Baptist, and that is altogether a bad thing.
iv. Because it rewards our self-centered lives
v. Because it promotes the Western Rugged Individual approach to spiritual development. “I can do it on my own!”
vi. Because it is unethical to do a series about the necessity of community and then 8 months later promote personal spiritual formation.
vii. Because it is impossible to have a personal relationship with Jesus apart from community – and rarely is that said or acknowledged.
viii. Because it further fragments our already divided and fragmented lives.
ix. Because it allows for a hermeneutic that would interpret “love your enemies” as “That is for me personally, but when people fly planes into buildings, they have to die.”
x. Because it’s not in the bible

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