1. How many times do people wish they would’ve said that one last thing, spent a little more time, not been so greedy with their money, etc. When will we wake up and realize that all the stuff and time we have isn’t ours. When will we act like what we are given we are supposed to give and what others need we are to provide just like we were provided for… But I dont think “stuff” (gifts) is the answer! SELF is!!!

  2. Amen. Self is for sure the answer. Giving has been made into an “act of worship” that, for all it’s good, has separated us from the people we are giving to! Like the Derek Webb song goes, “I don’t want your cash and coin… I want your time, I want your voice.”

    Again, if you look back at the video, it’s not that the people were too selfish with their money of stuff to give! You can imagine the excuses for their “almost giving” — “I was tired.” “I was spread thin” “I was really wanting to catch that new movie!” “I really needed to get home and clean up the yard!”

    So it’s really not that people are selfish with money (though there is enough of that). Rather it’s that people are selfish with their “self.”

    I am one who stands guilty of such selfishness!


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