My Sunday Night Mind

I just realized something. My mind is where I want it to be on Sunday nights. So I thought I would get on my blog and share with you my thoughts while I like where my head is.

We had an open forum in class this morning at Southwest on Faith and Politics. I learned three things:

(1) Jimmy Adcox is smart. (I already knew that!) But ever time I hear him speak off the cuff like that I am reminded at how smart he is. There was one point in the debate where I totally disagreed with him, but I still caught myself nodding my head in agreement… how does he freakin do that????!!!!???? I’ll tell you how – he’s smarter than me!

(2) Our Young Adults are amazing. The questions that were texted to me during the debate were all thoughtful, and all very good. They are so eager to learn and listen. And over lunch today I got to hear some of them talk about what they took away from Jimmy and Steve – these guys never cease to amaze me (and they too are way smarter than me!).

(3) I want to be a moderator. That was totally awesome.


I was flattered to see that the AMAZING artist Felipe Molina posted a comment on the “Author” section of my blog. For those of you who don’t know who that is, he is the artist that does all of the art for the Counting Crows albums. His website is linked under “art” here on my blog. You should check him out.


Everyone should read Cal Thomas’ article “Religious Right R.I.P.” – I would provide you a link, but while I like my Sunday Night Mind, I must admit it is lazy. So google it.


I was reading the Sermon on the Mount last week. I hope to re-read again this week. I have never lived with such a small chunk of scripture for so long before. I have been studying and reading and praying these chapters for almost a year now. And I think I actually want to live like Jesus. Loving my enemies is starting to be less of a chore, and more of a joy – something I actually want to do.


I want my church to do that Advent Conspiracy thing. For real.


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