The Substance of Silence

There is no leaf that is not in Your care. There is no cry that was not heard by You before it was uttered. There is no water in the shales that was not hidden there by Your wisdom. There is no concealed spring that was not concealed by You. There is no glen for a lone house that was not planned by You for a lone house. There is no man for that acre of woods that was not made by You for that acre of woods.

But there is a greater comfort in the substance of silence than in the answer to a question. Eternity is in the present. Eternity is in the palm of the hand. Eternity is a seed of fire whose sudden roots break barriers that keep my heart from being an abyss.

– Thomas Merton (Dialogues with Silence)


  1. Joe,
    Just ran across your blog and wanted to say Hi. How’s life in Jonesboro and Southwest? It’s been a while since we’ve been back. At the risk of sounding like an old youth minister, I’m really proud of you and what God is doing in your life. I’d love to hear some of your ideas about children’s ministry. We’re rethinking a lot of our approach right now…


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