The Most / E4 Learning / The Idiot / Colossians Remixed

I wanted to take one post this week, and make some suggestions to you for things to check into! I have a movie / an online class / and two books to offer to you.


Do you think a 30 minute film could change your life… the way you live? The Most is a short movie (about 30 minutes) about sacrifice, death, and new life. I don’t want to spoil it for you, because not knowing what’s going on is what makes this movie so powerful. The setting is in Poland, and the language is captioned. It takes place in a “very cold winter” and yet somehow, you want to be there. The film is by Garabedian and is an Eastwind Films Production. It won a 2003 Academy Award for Live Action Short. Go to to learn how to get your hands on a copy of this life-changing flick.


I am taking an E4 Learning class online. There are about ten classes that E4 Learning offers and I am currently taking the Divine Conspiracy by Dallas Willard – and yes, Willard is the online professor. The classes offered are, in my estimation, really good ones! My class cost me $30, but some of the others are a little higher in price. Still, a top notch education, from the leading theologians and experts in certain areas of Christian Living for a very small price – you can’t beat that! Go to my links list and click on Dallas Willard to learn more.


Did ya see yesterday’s response over a comment made by the main character of The Idiot? Prince Myshkin is as intiguing a character as I have ever read about. I suggest everyone read this literary classic before they die!!! And you don’t know when that will be, so bump it up in your line-up! Here is an excerpt from the back cover of my copy:

Into a compelling real portrait of nineteenth-century Russian society Dostoevsky introduces his ideal hero, the saintly Prince Myshkin (the idiot). The tensions subsequently released by the hero’s innocence, truthfulness, and humility betray the inadequacy of his moral idealism and disclose the spiritual emptiness of a society that cannot accomoddate him. Myshkin’s mission ends in idiocy and darkness, but it is the world that is rotten, not he.

Also Dostoevsky himself wrote this about the wonderful novel:

The main idea of the novel is to depict the positively good man. There is nothing more difficult than this in the world, especially nowadays!”

Needless to say, I will be posting much more on here about the insight of this Prince Myshkin in days and weeks to come (as this novel is relatively long). I suggest you get a copy – quick!


Go get a copy of Colossians Remixed. You need it – trust me. Great book! Click here to view it online… and here to purchase.


  1. Whoa Joe!!! 16 comments! If I remember right, you judge the blog by the amount of comments, right? You must be a really popular blogger! Haha! I’m glad you liked the movie, and even more glad you told everyone about it.


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