Searching for Peace

Last night, my wife got out the bible and wanted me to read to her about peace. If I understood her right, she wanted me to read her something that would make her feel peaceful. The two of us started thumbing through the concordance, just to find a short verse or two give some continuity and comfort to her current hectic lifestyle (heavy school load, heavy work load). Here is the kicker – there’s not one. I mean, yeah, there is comfort in knowing there is a God that is very near and not far from us… there is peace in knowing that he has offered a way to Himself through the atoning sacrifice of Jesus – but nothing to calm her down about her current situation.

Instead you find passages like this one from Psalm 34: Turn from evil and do good, seek peace and pursue it.

Peace has to be sought. Peace isn’t something that happens to you or something that is imparted to you. It is sought out and practiced. Peace is a spiritual fruit of living a life with God.

To make a long story short, we committed ourselves to going a little deeper together on our walk with God over the next couple of weeks. We will seek the peace of God that surpasses our knowledge of him.


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