Turtle Fishing / Late Night / Book

This morning I went turtle fishing – yes that is fishing for turtles. I have a friend who plays baseball. When his season ends, he comes home and does something insane. This year it is turtle fishing. He tries to catch snappers and soft-shell turtles, but any will do. And people buy these turtles and eat them.


I stayed up way too late last night, and in turn overslept this morning. I was 10 minutes late getting to the turtle pond this morning. Anyhow, I stayed up recounting stories from high school with Josh Allison. We laughed really hard, it was worth losing sleep over. You should call up one of your friends and do the same.


I want to recommend a very important book to you. Un-Christian. It is a new research book put together by the Barna Research Group – and several pastors across the nation. It basically talks about how the unchurched in this nation perceive Christians. The research is astonishing.

I haven’t read it all yet, but you can guess we are perceived to be “Hypocritical” — “Concerned only with converting people” — “Antihomosexual” — “Sheltered” — “Too Political” — “Judgmental”

That is not good PR>>> The book is extremely important and I think anyone concerned about advancing the mission of Christ in the 21 century needs to get a copy.


  1. Thanks for the “heads-up” on the book. I’ll be looking out for it.
    And thank you for your visits to my blog as well. You have great insight!

    Turtle soup, huh?


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