A Brief “Thank You”

I believe a Thank You is in order for several of you who have engaged here in a wonderful dialogue over the last month or so. It has been fun sharing ideas and sharing our journey and heart’s desires here.

I especially thank a random guy named Mike, who lately has made me think, contemplate, etc. I love to be stretched and love it when two people can engage one another in a healthy and non-threatening way about theology. Too much of the opposite is happening these days – therefore positive (but challenging) dialogue is of prime importance today.

Mike has a wonderful testimony over at his own blog and I suggest everyone go see what God has done in his life!

Thanks to Greg, and Dave, and Michael, and Tim, and Donna, and Paul, and Chris, and still many others!!!!

I am busy these days, so it is an important 30 minutes of my day to visit all of your blogs, and to respond to your responses here at Ends and Means. I value our “sit-downs” very much – even though we don’t actually get to sit down and visit. It is refreshing and I appreciate you adding value to it every day for me!

I look forward to many more insightful, important, and fun conversations with all of you!

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