If you believe in Jesus – you go to heaven.

If you go to church then you are a Christian.

My church is the best church.

You should dress your best to go to church.

Church is a place.

We worship at church (and no where else).

God needs us to go to church on Sunday and sing hymns.

Worship is all about form.

There is a blueprint for worship in the New Testament.

If I give 10 percent of my money then I am a tither. (huh, think about that one!)

If you sin then God loves you less.

Church is a place for people who do good all week, not people who do bad.


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  2. Joe,

    Relative to your first misconception, how do you reconcile this with Acts 16:30-31? Or how about Romans 10:9-10?

    Would you qualify it as “you must believe in Jesus as your Savior”? If so, then I agree event he demons believe in Jesus and your comment is technically correct. Otherwise, I am not quite sure this is compatible with the Gospel message.


  3. Mike –

    Today we use the word believe in a very finite sense, meaning mental ascent to a fact. That is not what is meant in Acts 16, by the word. And Romans 10 is building on Romans 6:1-8 – same letter.

  4. Mike –

    I do agree with what you say about “how we recieve him” although I am careful that people understand what the gospel writer’s had in mind when they say “believe”

    I think it is dangerous to let people think that just because they give mental ascent to the fact that Jesus was a real man who was the Son of God, that they get a one-way ticket to heaven… I think belief in His name involves an immersion into that same name “Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” To be immersed in something is to be enveloped and surrounded – or better yet to be buried. And this still is not enough. We are also called beyond burial and confession to repentance. (Acts 2:38). And repentance is resurrection – a total abandonment of the old and a total entrance into the new life.

  5. Joe,

    I am afraid that if you are right then heaven will be pretty empty. Where in the Scriptures is this concept of “immersion” a pre-requisite to being saved?

    How does that comply with Gal 2:20-21? How about Romans 5:1?

    Again I agree that faith is not “mere” assent, however I believe the Scripture is clear that we are saved by faith “alone”.



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