Where does peace come from?

Today has been a peaceful day… the weather was perfect, I wasn’t rushed or hurried, I had positive interactions with everyone, friends were there for me, and did I mention the weather?

I sat in my back yard in the garden this afternoon and read some Thomas Kelly. It was a good follow up to my time in the Psalms this morning. I don’t know where peace comes from – for sure, but I did read Mike Cope’s blog today about thin places. Thin places are places where the gap is narrow between where you are and where God is. Today, seemingly everwhere I went was a thin place. God is not far from me today! And that is my testimony for now – that peace comes from God – from the Light Within – from the inner sactuary of the soul – from the Slumbering Christ, stirring to be awakened – from the Shekinah of the soul (that one’s for you dad). Peace comes NOT from above, but from within, because God is not far from us.

May the Peace of Christ be with you!


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