A Friend

The other day, my best friend taught me an important lesson in life – the value of a true friend.

I called Josh the other day to break some news to him. I needed to clue him in on something that is going on in my life that I felt he needed to know about. To me, the issue dealt with my identity as a person – to be more clear, it had to do with how I saw myself.

When I had finished explaining to Josh everything that had transpired over the last few days, he said, “Huh… So have you looked at our fantasy football team today?”

At first, I was a little shocked… I mean, I just told him something that I thought was very important, and he only sort of acknowledged I said anything at all!

But after I hung up the phone I realized something. Josh didn’t see ME the way I see ME. To him it wasn’t a thing of identity. Josh sees me as Josh’s friend. The reasons Josh finds value in me, aren’t the reasons I try to find value in myself. Josh sees me the way God sees me – as me.

Thanks Josh, for being such a wonderful friend – you teach me far more than you could ever imagine!!!

Friends love each other through all kinds of weather

– Proverbs 17:17


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