Cultural Perspective

I am taking a class called Cultural Psychology.

As I was studying last night, I came across a neat question as a part of a metathinking activity.
(Metathinking is thinking about thinking).

See where you come out on this one…

Which of the following does not belong with the others?

A> Canadian B> Italian C> Cuban D> Hindu

Did you answer D? You’re right, from your perspective!

But what if you were a Mathematician? Wouldn’t you answer A? A is the only answer with an even number of letters in it.

What if you were European? Would you choose B? B is the only answer that possesses anything European.

What if you were a communist? Would you pick C?

The point is, that it all has to do with your perspective. I would further add that egocentrism does no good in dealing with this. To assume your perspective is the only perspective is to ruin any chance of communications with people of other backgrounds than ours.


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