Prayer / Theology / Book / Blame

I think it is appropriate for the Body to be in prayer for those injured or those who lost loved ones in the Twin Cities. If we cannot physically serve them, we should serve them in this way. Pray today. And pray for the Cavenaugh Motor Company in Jonesboro, whose business burned to the ground yesterday.


We had a small rural church come worship with us this past week. The Remmell Church of Christ from just outside Newport, came to our building to pray with us this last Wed. night. They told us their story of transformation. They said that they were about to die. They were down to 20 members. Then they decided to rethink their theology and be open to God and His Word. Only in this way, could they know God’s will for them – to die or to live on. They decided that they were wrong about the Holy Spirit – that He was alive in the hearts of men and women and children, and that He does move and act on earth today. Now they average over 175 on Sunday’s in a community that barely has over 100 members in itself. They are making an impact by listening and watching for the Spirit to move and act – then they join in! I say all that to say this – Theology is everything.


I am reading a book call “The Shaping of things to Come” – If you are interested in the mission of Christ and/or the future of Western Christianity (I hope you are!) then this is a must read – MUST READ!


Why are people dying to blame someone for the bridge collapsing? “Is it Bush’s fault?” “Is it congress’ fault?” “Is it the government’s fault” “Is it the Mayor’s fault?”

I swear – America could not have their hope and trust more misplaced than we do right now.

I haven’t even heard the question “Is it God’s fault?” At least that question is headed in the right direction – with a focus on God – at least we could start to have a productive conversation with such questions. When will we stop trusting government to save us? When oh when? And Christians might be the worst of all!

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