Lottery / Mark 10-11 / N.T. Wright

I played the Powerball Lottery with Josh this last week. We won $20! I really felt like we were gonna hit it big this time! Guess I donated a few extra dollars to Satan huh? (Actually the Powerball lottery gives millions of dollars to political activists groups that promote the strengthening of our educational system in America. I guess the rest goes to Satan.


I am preaching on Mark 10 – 11 in two weeks. I am excited about it. I will also be telling about Moses beating the crap out of an Egyptian and how David got ticked and killed a giant. In case you were wondering – Jesus gets ticked off 3 times in Mark 10 – 11. So I am preaching about anger management for Moses, David, and Jesus. – dangerous I know!


Is N.T. Wright a living & breathing, walking among us, in our very presence, reicarnation of C.S. Lewis? I am reading the Challenge of Jesus. Just read Simply Christian. This guy is a genious.
Pick up anything with N.T. Wright on it, I am sure you will be blessed.


  1. i have always wanted to play the lottery…actually, that’s false…but right at this moment it sounds kinda fun…because $20 could buy me dinner. i like food.

    i haven’t read any n.t. wright…perhaps i’ll check some out.


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