Physical Labor – Vacation – Theft – Feelings – Hosea

I did physical labor all day today. I will do it all day tomorrow as well. I realized two things today. #1 – I hate physical labor. #2 – I feel a lot more like Jesus when I do physical labor.


I am going on vacation next week. I think my blog posts will be better on those days, because I will actually have time to think before I write. Does anyone have a good read to suggest for my time away?


Someone keeps stealing stuff from our church. Like in the tens of thousands of dollars. Our people’s reactions to it, says a lot about what they believe about Jesus’ teachings. How is that for blunt?


I feel better today than I did yesterday about ministry. Thanks to my big brother, Lance, and my accountability partner, Josh.


Everyone should read Hosea. Hosea’s stock is way up right now in my mind. I think it’s creeping into my top 5. BTW> My top 5 are:

5> Revelation
4> Ecclesiastes
3> Colossians
2> Romans
1> Psalms

Look out Johnny boy, there’s a minor prophet breathing down your neck!


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