Political Discussions

I went back and listened to Randy Harris’ CD’s from Pepperdine 2006. His topic was politics and the Christian’s role in the political process. I did this because I am gearing up to discuss politics in our life group this Sunday. (We are doing a series called “The Secret Message of Jesus” where we are finding places in our culture where Jesus is taking “center-stage” in debate and conversation. This week we talked about the End Times. The goal each week is to find healthy ways of engaging people in discussions that will reveal to them a more thoughtful and loving Jesus.)

I also will be, as I did with the End Times stuff, asking people what they think about politics this week. I figure this is a good place to do that. So, let me ask you some questions – you don’t have to answer all of them, just put the number of the question beside your answer in the comments section.

1> What level of political involvement is “okay” for the Christian?

2> What political issues are most important to you? Social-responsibility/Social Justice? The War on Terror? Healthcare? Homosexual Marriage? Abortion? Insurance Provision?

3> How would you describe your political affiliation?

4> How intimately connected is your politics to your faith?

5> What kind of impact is the Christian community having on the political process right now?

6> Do you feel (if you are a Christian) that your feelings & stances are represented well, by this Christian “voice” that is so involved in the political process.

7> What kind of impact is this Christian voice making on the lost as they engage in politics?

8> How do you think the homosexual community views Christian community as a result of their involvement in the political process? Is this good/bad/either? Explain?

9> Is it the duty of the Christian to see to it that this nation/state is a moral entity? If so, then how well are Christians doing? And what means are Christians using to do this?

10> What do you believe the bible teaches about politics? Can you site some key passages for you?

(Again I’d like to reinforce the goal of this discussion we will have in our life-group. That is to help people find healthy ways to engage in discussions where Jesus seems to be “center-stage” is our society – and in-so-doing to reveal to people the true Christ “full of grace and truth”)

Please, ALL and EVERYONE feel free to answer the questions of your choosing! by clicking on comments!


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