Discussions with Randy

Yesterday our staff had the wonderful opportunity to sit down with Randy Harris and talk about ministry. We talked a lot about being a missional church, being relevant to our culture, what the future holds for Northeast Arkansas and Jonesboro, etc….

It was great, but there was one discussion in particular that I found interesting. Randy said that he has a project for ministers everywhere. To come up with a list of “ways” (for lack of a better word) that are unique to the Christian faith. And by unique, he meant “ways” that go beyond just being a good citizen.

For example, not being an alcoholic and not beating your wife are “ways” of a good citizen. But giving sacrificially to the poor and allowing not even a hint of sexual immorality into your heart, these are “ways” of a Christian.

After you compile this list, think of ways to communicate these “ways” to the increasingly postmodern, post-conservative, post-churched society in which we find ourselves. An example of this, Randy says, is to say “Christians don’t make much of themselves.” instead of saying, “Be humble.”

It is just an exercise to help us communicate the gospel more effectively in this changing culture.

Lately I’ve been thinking about holiness and what it means for me. It takes some study to answer this, but my question is this. How do we communicate I Peter 1:16 to this post-Christian America? By the way, I Peter 1:16 says, “Be holy, because I am holy.” If you have any ideas about this, please, share them in the comments section.

Also, share ideas about how to communicate other Christian practices like:

> Pray without ceasing.

> Live quiet and peaceful lives.

> Be merciful.

> Rejoice when you face trials of many kinds.

> Love one another.

> Pray for each other.

> Bear each others burdens.

> Do not lust.

> Do not judge.

> You are a Royal Preisthood.

> Sing joyful songs to the Lord.

Care to share your ideas?

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