WOW. Wonders of the Word. VBS Southwest Style. This year Noah builds a boat, God destroys the earth, And Mr. Joe and George of the Jungle learn about it together. Just a sidenote> why do we tell kids this story? It’s really quite horrifying!

WOW is here. And the only thing that could stop it from happening would be if Jesus came back!

Naturally, since WOW begins today, this means that I will not sleep until Thursday.


  1. Jesus, too, had times when He ministered for periods of time without much, if any, rest. He also took times away from everyone when He knew He needed to rest and refuel. Good Example, huh?
    BTW, I really admire the way you folks at SW go all out and do all you do for WOW. It sounds like such fun!


  2. I know how much effort goes into WOW and I hope all has gone and will continue to go well. I have been praying for everyone presenting and everyone receiving.

    I wonder how many people realize the “behind the scenes work” that goes on in preparation for WOW? While I know that no one does it for the glory, I want for ALL to know that they are very much appreciated for their constant efforts in providing this event each year for our area Jonesboro’s kids and families.



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