Blood Diamond

“God left this place a long time ago.”

– African Citizen

All adults should watch Blood Diamond. For some it will weaken your faith – or else it will demolish what’s left. For others, it will move you to action. For still others, you will begin to develop a sense of world affairs outside America and Iraq – perhaps even care a little. But if your like me, you will wonder out loud, why?

Why is there murder and mass slaughter everyday in regions of Africa such as Sudan that America turns a deaf ear to? Why do we say what’s going on in the middle east is more important than what is going on in Africa? Why does America allow this horrifying hell-on-earth to thrive without any aid from us? (And when I say “aid” I don’t mean 5lb bags of rice mill dropped from a plane).

We (America) has the power to stop the genocide – but we continue to sit on our hands. Why?

1> We are far more interested in self preservation than what is best for all of humanity. We look out for #1 and steam roll anyone who gets in our way.

2> We love money. Africa has none.

3> Our pride will not allow us to move on until we self-destruct or we win the war – as if winning a war produces less terror in the world.

4> The smaller the piece of the pie Africa has, the larger our piece of the pie is.

5> America prefers to keep it’s nose out of Africa’s business since our theft of their people a few hundred years ago.

If I sound mad – I am. Watch Blood Diamond. If you’re not mad after that – then I can’t help you.

God never left Africa – He hasn’t abandoned anyone – His people have. Where are you?

Try this today – Read Isaiah 61:1-8a – and then go to and take action.

“I am not a pacifist – for a passive man accomplishes nothing. I am an activist drawing on the weapons of God to restore hope. His weapons are love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness, gentleness, and self-control. The world would have you use more fire to put out the fire. God would have you use living water.


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