Why I hate the news

This is why I hate the news: Because it isn’t the news.

News is defined (by webster) as “new information about recent events; previously unknown”

Well, to be fair the news does meet most of this criteria – technically. But they do fail to give ALL the “new information” that is out there. And that is what I hate about it. All they report is the dark “previously unknown” material. They say nothing of the good in society. And if you look really closely, most of it has nothing to do with the general public. For example: go to CNN.com today and you’ll see a link to a tragedy story. The story is “Woman on oxygen pump dies after power cut.” Interesting, right? NO! This is something for that family to deal out with whomever is responsible – NOT an opportunity to crucify some hospital director so our News ratings will go up. It affects no one, and it isn’t national news. It’s a ploy to drag me and you into the darkness.

I’ve got a story: “Man pulls over on busy highway to help stranded family”

This doesn’t have anything to do with the general public either… but you won’t EVER see it written or reported will you? Think about it. Don’t be sucked into the world of bitterness and human darkness by beleiving that what you see on the TV is actually “news.” It’s just the dark side of the news. And that is only half of what’s happening in our world.


  1. To help restore your faith in the world – I actually have seen an article in the newspaper about a man who stopped on a busy highway to change a flat tire for a women…in the rain. It was a good story and I enjoyed it that much more because it was my brother who stopped.

    I do agree with your point, however to defend the media a little we can point the finger back at ourselves for this backward news. Would you want to pick up the paper everyday if it looked like the paper on “Pleasantville?” People dont want to read good stuff – they only want to find out the “dirt” on everyone – as long as it is not attacking them personally. Anyway – I guess we have to take a little responsibility for this. I do think that the media could do a better job at actually presenting the facts, rather than putting their spin on what happened. Facts are enough. Let the public draw their own conclusions about why the horrifying event happened.

  2. Just happened to find your new blog site, with a little help from your brother.

    Looking forward to reading all you have written so far, and especially what you will continue to write in the future.

    Don’t forget my page, stop by sometime.


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