Love for Money

Yesterday, I could’ve lost a cousin (and one of my dearest friends in life) over money.

A man stuck a gun to his chest and robbed him at the threat of his life. Over money.


What is money? Money is pieces of metal and paper. Humans assign value to money. We agree to a value and assign that value to the worthless paper and metals. It is worth x amount of dollars, because humans say so. Humans assign value to money, therefore without humans money has no value. Isn’t it funny, then, that one human would kill another human for a few hundred or few thousand pieces of paper – killing the very thing that gives the paper it’s value?

How true the wise proverb rings today. “The love for money is the root of all evil”

The only thing that is worth anything is life. God-gives it and takes it away. Blessed be the Lord.

“Is not life more important than food?”
– The Wise Philosopher (Mt. 6:25)

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