What is love?

God is Love, according to the beloved disciple.  But what is love, in our times?  Haven’t we made the word useless in secular culture?  And worse, the religious culture has buttered up the word.

 But love is not soft, or weak, with warm-fuzzy infatuations and intimations.

 Love is fierce, brave, bold.  Love is untameable and wild.  Love is terrible at times, because of the pursuit.  Remember?  Remember what it is like to struggle with love?  Remember the turmoil, wonder, and sometimes pain?  Remember the unknown?  Remember?

 Love is not petty and heart-felt.  It is gentle but fierce, patient but wild, joyous but aweful.  Love is not defineable.  Love is not a list.  Love is more than emotions, because emotions are incapable of destroying you, but love is perfectly capable.  In fact, Love will destroy you if you open yourself to it’s beautiful destruction.  Love reconstructs and transforms.

I wish the American Christian Culture would let go of Love and let Him be what He is.  Let go of Love and let Him have His way with us.  The passion is gone.  And, to quote the psalter, in the absense of this Wild Lover “my bones are wasting away!” (Psalm 32)


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