Moving Experience

This weekend we moved. We purchased another house and packed our belongings and moved into it.

And while we were packing I had a thought that led me to another thought.

First, the original thought.

“Oh my goodness. I did not realize how much junk we had in our home. We have just been living here like we were staying forever!”

That led me to this second thought.

“Oh my goodness. I didn’t even notice how comfortable I had gotten here. I mean I literally didn’t even realize it! I wonder how comfortable I am in the world – of course, I won’t know until I start preparing for the move to another place.”


  1. If you move as much as we have, you tend to shed some of your junk. You know, give it to your kids. But then there is always this junk that you keep. You pack it up and carry it along everywhere you go. You don’t know why you hang on to it. You just think, “Oh, I might need this.” or “Oh, somebody might need this.” Or it is this sort of junk that brings back memories and you just can’t let go of it.

    This reminds me. When my mother was very ill and on her death bed, literally, she began to give me instructions. She said, “Go in there and look in that closet in the laundry room. Look underneath that shelf, way in the back. Do you remember that old black suitcase that the boys used to take with them to Camp Wildwood when they were kids? Well, that’s what you’re looking for. Get it out and throw it away.”

    I asked, “Why, Momma? What’s in there?”

    She replied, “It has all of Kim’s belongings in it.”

    (You need to understand that Kim was my oldest brother who was killed in a car accident over 30 years ago when he was 19 years old.)

    I exclaimed, “You want me to THROW that away?!”

    She simply and calmly said, “Don’t you think 30 years is long enough to drag that around?”

    After I thought about it, I realized that it was her way of saying, “I’m done with that part of my life. I am going on to see my Lord. I don’t need to hang on to what may seem like “junk” anymore.” It was the saddest and sweetest moment in my life. It still makes me cry and still makes me smile because I know right where my momma is. She is in the most incomprehensible place to be with God. And Kim. She doesn’t need earthly “junk” anymore.


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